Ryan Anderson, out.

I really don’t have much to add beyond what has been said over at CGB. But, while I think Monty is going to have a much harder time turning things around, I still think there is enough talent on the team to improve. A lot of the improvement will have to come from the point position, but I have to think more Boykin is a better thing. And, Theo’s defense will fit Monty’s system perfectly.

Trees . . . out or in?

As of 3:24, we are all waiting a ruling from Judge Miller and wasting away our day at work. Thank you Judge Miller for lowering my productivity level to about zero.

Blinn Junior College, in.

Cal continues it’s raid of under-recruited Texas players by landing Jarred Price for next year’s class and Bryant Nnabuife for this year’s class. While Price is a somewhat undersized LB’er that only has 2 to play 2, Nnabuife is a 6’2″ DB that will have a chance to play this year and has 4 to play 3.


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