Weekend Picks

October 11, 2008

Another solid week, going 5-0 straight up and 4-1 ATS, leaving me 8-1 and 7-2 respectively.  This week, Cal and U-Dub are off and the Pac-10 matchups are not that intriguing.

USC 30 Arizona State 10 (USC by 27): What was a battle of the backups is just now a mismatch.  That said, ASU has held Georgia to 27 and Cal to 24.  The Sun Devils won’t score a lot of points, but they won’t give up a lot of big plays either.

Oregon 31 UCLA 17 (Oregon by 17): I’m still not sold on the Ducks.  They’re 4-2 and with average quarterback play, they’d be at least 5-1.  Even worse is their vaunted secondary that has struggled thus far.  Oregon will win, but UCLA will be ready for the Ducks.

Oregon State 41 Washington State 10 (Oregon State by 30): Wazzu had an American Idol competition for their third string QB.  No, really.

Stanfurd 27 Arizona 24 (Arizona by 6): This is not a bad Arizona team, but their schedule thus far has been extremely week, including a loss to New Mexico.  The Furd will present the toughest test thus far for the Wildcats.  If they’re for real, they win this game.  Preblem for them, they aren’t for real.


Pac-10 Media Poll Released

July 24, 2008

1. USC (38), 389
2. Arizona State, 330
3. Oregon, 295
4. California (1), 274
5. UCLA, 204
6. Oregon State, 192
7. Arizona, 185
8. Washington, 139
9. Stanford, 76
10. Washington State, 61

Clearly someone really likes Cal. I’m a bit surprised pundits are higher on Arizona than U-Dub. Otherwise, this is pretty spot-on for the start of the season. I think there will be movement amongst top four and U-Dub could be the surprise team.

Big Day Thursday

July 24, 2008

Today is a big day for the conference and for Cal athletics. It is Pac-10 media day where Zack Follett joins Jeff Tedford representing Cal and the media will release their predictions in the form of a poll. J.O. has released his poll and puts Cal 4th in the conference.

Also, at 5:00PM, the Berkeley City Council will meet and vote on whether to join Save the Oaks and the Panoramic Hills Association and appeal the judgment rendered on Tuesday. While the meeting is close doored, the vote is public and it looks like there may be some time for public comment. Some BCC members are even (gasp) seeking to hear all sides of the issue.