Weekend Picks

October 11, 2008

Another solid week, going 5-0 straight up and 4-1 ATS, leaving me 8-1 and 7-2 respectively.  This week, Cal and U-Dub are off and the Pac-10 matchups are not that intriguing.

USC 30 Arizona State 10 (USC by 27): What was a battle of the backups is just now a mismatch.  That said, ASU has held Georgia to 27 and Cal to 24.  The Sun Devils won’t score a lot of points, but they won’t give up a lot of big plays either.

Oregon 31 UCLA 17 (Oregon by 17): I’m still not sold on the Ducks.  They’re 4-2 and with average quarterback play, they’d be at least 5-1.  Even worse is their vaunted secondary that has struggled thus far.  Oregon will win, but UCLA will be ready for the Ducks.

Oregon State 41 Washington State 10 (Oregon State by 30): Wazzu had an American Idol competition for their third string QB.  No, really.

Stanfurd 27 Arizona 24 (Arizona by 6): This is not a bad Arizona team, but their schedule thus far has been extremely week, including a loss to New Mexico.  The Furd will present the toughest test thus far for the Wildcats.  If they’re for real, they win this game.  Preblem for them, they aren’t for real.


Weekend Picks

October 4, 2008

Last week, I went 3-1 straight, 3-1 ATS, and failed to make any pick whatsoever for the Oregon State versus USC contest, convenient, I know.  Well, I did it again, I forgot to make a Thursday selection.  For the record, last week I would have selected USC and this week I would have selected Utah, so it’s pretty much a wash.

Notre Dame 16 Stanfurd 10 (Irish by 7.5): The talent gap between the Furd and the rest of college football is beginning to close.  Add their 2009 recruiting class and Harbaugh may build a competitive football team.  I’m not saying they’ll finish in the top third of the conference, but they might be back to bowl game competitive.  That said, I don’t think they’re ready to beat Notre Dame on the road, even a very average Notre Dame team.  The Furd defense has some decent pieces, but thus far they’re surrendering 27.5 points per game.  In the end, I hate both of these teams and want both of them to lose.

California 38 Arizona State 20 (Cal by 9): The QB1 position is unsettled.  Their Heisman candidate RB1 is injured and out for the game.  Their defense captain DE is out 6 weeks with a broken foot (maybe).  And, their starting LG is out for the season.  So, Cal is favored by 9.  Talk about having faith in home field advantage, Shane Vereen, and Cal’s depth at TB.  I’m siding with Vegas, particulalrly if it rains-Cal’s ground game and run defense is stronger than ASU’s.  The nly question mark is whether Longshore AND/OR Riley will spark the passing game which has been doormat for 2.5 games.

Arizona 100 Washington -2 (Arizona by 21): Is anyone going to watch this game?  No Locker.  At Arizona.  Too much Tuitama.

USC 27 Oregon 16 (USC by 16): This is an absurd line.  If Oregon State ran over USC, the conventional wisdom is Oregon will do the same.  It’s not as if Oregon State had a world beater at quarterback, and Oregon likewise doesn’t.  USC on the other hand will be motivated and it’s at the Coliseum.  I’d love to pick the Ducks, but I don’t think they have the nastiness to beat USC and the Trojans will be a lot more prepared than they were last year against the Furd (the only team to beat USC at the Coliseum since 2002).

UCLA 31 Washington State 10 (UCLA by 17): Please Wazzu, prove me wrong.

Weekend Picks

September 27, 2008

For some reason, I have yet to make my picks known.  Probably because I’ve rarely posted since the season begun.  As conference games are pretty much underway, starting this week I’ll select winners in each game involving a Pac-10 team.

UCLA 20 Fresno State 17 (Fresno State by 7): Pat Hill should win this game.  The Bulldogs are more physical and are senior-laden.  Yet, Slick Rick has a way of getting his team up for one game.  The Rose Bowl will have an estimated 25,000 Fresno State fans in attendance and even the UCLA athletic department seems to think the Bruins are in trouble.  While Hill has a motto of “Anyone, Anywhere” that hasn’t really translated into consistent 10 win seasons, even in its non-BCS conference.  The Bruins force some turnovers, play well on special teams, and sneak away with an upset victory, for the second time this season.

Oregon 38 Washington State 9 (Oregon by 20.5): Oregon has absolutely no luck at all when it comes to quarterbacks.  But, that running game is still dominant and against Wazzu, that’s all you need, ask Cal.  As incredible a victory as Oregon State over USC, this would by far be the biggest upset thus far in the Pac-10.

Stanfurd 23 Washington 20 (Washington by 4): Until they prove otherwise, the Huskies are the seconde-worst team in the conference.  At least the Furd has beaten USC, and, according to the transpositive theory of college football, Ohio State.  I expect a pretty competitive game and I’m actually interested in seeing if Jake Locker can finally get something going this week against a decent Furd defense.

Cal 45 Colorado State 14 (Cal by 26): The Bears will break the conference’s losing streak against the Mountain West and will recover from their disappointing loss at Maryland.  This is still, in my non-expert opinion, the second most talented team in the conference lacking only experience.  Last year, Cal played a fairly avrage contest against the Rams, even letting them back into the game late while backups played soft.  This time, the Bears know how to close.  Cal’s second’half play is much improved and it seems to be where Riley shines.  That said, the key to Cal winning this game is running the ball, doing so early, and not giving up even if the Rams load eight in the box.  With Calvin recovered, the passing game should be able to take advantage of the stacked front and finally start connecting on deep routes.