Rankings Insanity

September 14, 2008

Cal, according to some pollsters was ranked as high as 9 last week.  Overall, the Bears were ranked 25th in the Coaches Poll and 23rd in the AP Poll.  Today, the Bears received only 7 voted in the Coaches and none in the AP.  Yes, you read that right, none.

In the AP the following teamns received votes where as Cal received none: Arizona (2-1, lost to New Mexico), South Carolina (1-2, lost to Vanderbilt and Georgia), Tennessee (1-1, lost to UCLA, who lost 59-0 to BYU), and Arizona State (2-1, lost to UNLV).  That list doesn’t even include several teams that are undefeated and played absolutely no one of consequence (I am looking at you Minnesota, Nebraska, and Florida State).

None of this is to say Cal should be ranked.  I just cannot phathom why not a single voter would have Cal ranked after the garbage most teams have showed in the first three weeks.  Cal’s victory over Michigan State and walloping of the terrible Washington State should count for something.  And, one would think losing to Maryland by 8 wouldn’t be the end of the world.

For some reason voters dislike Cal.  They are unfairly dropped when other teams with similar flaws or resumes don’t face nearly the same level of scrutiny.  I assume the only way to change things is by actually playing in a BCS game and winning (as opposed to deserving to be in a BCS game in 2004).  Even then, you have to wonder why plenty of teams without BCS appearances faily to suffer the same fate as Cal.