Game On

September 27, 2008

I’m as amazed by USC’s turnaround under Pete Carroll as anybody.  Carroll took a floundering traditional power and restored some luster to the Trojans.  But, can we finally get beyond this idea that USC is unbeatable?

Every year we go through the same game.  USC blows out a couple nonconference opponents and once again they turn invincible.  The rest of the conference is portrayed as dwarfs to USC’s giant stature on the college football landscape.

However, as terrible as the conference is portrayed, it is the only consistent thorn in the side of a team that has beaten Oklahoma, Ohio State, Auburn, Arkansas, and lost only once in nonconference games, to Texas, in a nail-biter at the Rose Bowl.

Cal.  Oregon State.  UCLA.  Stanfurd.  Oregon.  Oregon State.

The Pac-10 has chalked up 6 wins against the Men of Troy while the rest of college football has amounted to a lone win by Vince Young.  Point being, while the Trojans have reigned supreme winning conference title after conference title, nothing is guaranteed.

As it stands, Cal, Oregon, Arizona, and Arizona State sit atop the standings and each of the control their respective destiney.  And, last I checked Cal’s the only team that has yet to lose to a non-BCS team.  I’m not forcasting Cal breaking its Rose Bowl drought, but even at 2-1, Cal is as much of a threat as any other team in the Pac-10’s top-half.